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Témoignage / Testimonial

"This exposition of Du monde de par Che Nous   is an impeccable body of work from the Groupe SocioFoto. It encompasses not only the heritage of their town but reflects the heartbeat of the village. In a fraction of a second, the glimpses of people are made –– however the memories, friendships and images made over the course of the year will last forever.

The overpowering sense of community and true sense of the simple fabric of the village are revealed through their many hours of photography.  Taking the time to read the stories and absorb the images is a moving experience. Not only do they illustrate one small village in New Brunswick, but reverberate the lives and the feel of many communities around the world."

Don Martel

Professional Photographer

"On tour with Don Martel we took a small detour to view an exhibit of students of his in the village of Grand-Barachois by the Groupe SocioFoto "Du monde de par che nous". The exhibit a collection of life and portraits is one of the most amazing and prolific collections I have seen in sometime, the thought , the quality and energy by this group of photographers was truly inspiring."

Gerry Gooderham

Professional Photographer

"Quel beau projet! J'ai adore les photos et surtout les histoires que vous avez racontées sur chacun de vos sujets. Bravo a toute l'équipe!"

Diana Zandberg


"I haven't seen so many people at an opening in a long time and they stayed for the whole presentation and chatted afterwards..."


"I have noticed that a lot of people were emotional this morning... they are not used to be recognized in such a personal way... even people that did not really know them were moved..." '' the music, the black and white photos , the videos... everything was perfect ..."


"C'est un superbe projet. Les photos sont impeccables. Un très beau turnout aussi! Félicitations aux autres membres du groupe."

Guy Brun


"I am so HAPPY that it turned out so GREAT! The pictures were amazing.... What a WONDERFUL legacy for both the people and the community. I wish we could have attended the opening. Can't wait to see next years pictures!"

John Millford


"Bravo. Excellente initiative. Souhaitons que d’autres auront l’idée dans d’autres communautés."

François H


"What a great way to honour people in our community that give and help preserve our heritage... these people also teach the younger generation the importance of volunteering and how to make our lives more meaningful.."


"Une très belle exposition, félicitations aux photographes!"

Ovila B

"Très belle initiative – beau montage, et les textes ajoutent à l’excellence de cette exposition. À poursuivre… partout dans la province."

G. Gallant


"I love the stories, well done everyone. So glad I didn’t miss this exhibit."

Eva Cormier


"Quelle bonne idée de rendre hommage au gens qui se dévouent bénévolement dans la communauté"

Rachelle M


"Merci de garder la mémoire de ce peuple courageux"

Jean et Monique

Laval QC

"Rafraichissant + Inspirant! Merci de partager cette belle intimité."

Dianne R


"I have been living in Grand-Barachois for 3 years now and have seen a lot of these people around but now it seems that when I'm going to see them again I will feel that I know them and therefore it will make me feel at home"


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